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The Asiri Gems and Jewelers will always provide the best, precious and original Gems, with a GEMSTONE CERTIFICATE for every single gem you purchase at their doorstep. Unique designs and the reasonable price for a Gem is the speciality of Asiri Gems and Jewelers. Currently, they are dealing with Gems and jewellery all around Sri Lanka and soon they will open up their products for the international market. The variety of Gems they provide starts from blue sapphire and it goes up to all types of Gems. Most of their jewellery contain with Blue sapphire and they are looking forward to serving their customers according to customer preference. Asiri Gems and Jewelers is not only a Gem dealer but they are also a dealer of Gem stunning jewellery. Jewellery which you can purchase through Asiri Gems and Jewelers are Gold rings, earrings, pendants, necklaces, bracelets and all other types of jewelries with gem stunned. The founder of Asiri Gems and Jewelers S.M.G.A. Bandara is a degree holder at the University of Sri Jayewardenepura with a BSc in Entrepreneurship (special) and this year they will be celebrating their 4th year in the industry of Gem and Jewelry.

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