Dreams Institute of Enterprise Development and Education (Pvt) Ltd


Sri Lanka A Developed Country By Establishing An Entrepreneurial Culture.

Dreams Institute was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on the 16th of January 2018. The mission behind the company is to make Sri Lanka a developed country by establishing an entrepreneurial culture. The main target of the Dreams Institute is to establish an entrepreneurial culture. As the starting point the main purpose is to develop cultural aspects of entrepreneurship within Sri Lanka.

Dreams Institute provides the services which regard with entrepreneurship.

  1. Enterprise Education Service
  • Business Planning
  • Company Registration
  • Proper management system Development
  • Accounting
  1. Enterprise Development Service

From the above services Dreams Institute always focus on the Business culture apart from the Entrepreneurship. We always try to maintain a higher customer satisfaction from providing creative and innovative services on entrepreneurship by covering the areas of enterprise education and enterprise development successful business means. We try to make opportunities for potential business through that improving the business culture to develop the major areas of the Entrepreneurship.

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