Rish Lanka


The Sri Lankan ancient knowledge

Combining the Sri Lankan ancient knowledge and learnings with the latest high technologies by going far beyond the traditional artificial productions currently available, "Rish Lanka" was established as a result of a series of experiments in February 2018 with the advice and blessings of the University of Sri Jayewardenepura to promote a natural, nutritious and healthy lifestyle within our very own community.

We were able to introduce a wide variety of naturally produced, uniquely suitable products that are free of any harmful or hazardous ingredients to human consumption after a series of experiments that started back in 2016 with the use of the "Jak fruit" tree which consists of very healthy and high nutritious values which are in correspondence with the Lankan food traditions.

Our company is dedicated towards proudly taking our mother Lanka name to international heights and making our uniquely produced healthy and highly nutritious naturally produced products available to the customers while finding solutions to the health and environment-related issues faced by consumers and creating job opportunities through appropriately utilizing natural resources that are being wasted through continuous experiments and testing.

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